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At the Inauguration Ceremony of the New Members of the National Assembly, Abuja in June 5, 2003, President Olusegun Obasanjo declared in his speech:

"Nigerians have for too long been feeling short - changed by the quality of Public service. Our Public offices have for too long been a showcase for the combined evils of inefficiency and corruption, whilst being impediments to effective implementations of government policies. Nigerians deserve better. We will ensure that they get what is better!" 

In December 2003, a research project was commissioned to review Service Delivery in Nigeria: the institutional environment for service delivery; a reflection on people‘s views and experiences; to end with a roadmap for a Service Delivery Programme.

A report, Service Delivery In Nigeria: A Roadmap was published in February 2004 as a result, the report’s conclusions and recommendations include:

Services are not serving people: they are inaccessible, poor in quality and indifferent to customer needs.

Public confidence is poor, and institutional arrangements are confusing and wasteful.

The need for a far-reaching transformation of Nigerian society through a Service Delivery Programme as a step in the process of moving to a government that is more in touch with the people.

The Service Delivery Programme should:

-  create citizens’  and customers’  demand
-  instil higher expectations of public services
-  communicate service entitlements and rights
-  publish information about performance,

Redesign the services around customer’  requirements;

The success of the Programme will require committed leadership from the top;

Ministers should demonstrate their commitment with a leadership declaration about Service Delivery.

In March 2004, a special Presidential Retreat was held to deliberate on the report. At the retreat, the President remarked:

“This Retreat is to assert our ownership of the initiative to serve Nigerians better. We accept full responsibility for driving it to a successful end. This is the core of the message from this Retreat to the people. That message should also be about leadership that has all the attributes which we all agreed to in the last retreat, namely selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty, and patriotism. It is also the message of leading from the front in the battle to sanitize our system morally, politically and economically. Above all, it is the message of the leadership that the Nigerian people can trust... (Time To Deliver  )“

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