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At the end of the retreat On Service Delivery in Nigeria, on 21 March 2004, the Federal Executive Council entered into a SERVICE COMPACT WITH ALL NIGERIANS [SERVICOM]. (View Full Text of Compact)

The compact’s core provisions are as follows;

We dedicate ourselves to providing the basic services to which citizens are entitled, timely, fairly, honestly, effectively and transparently.

By SERVICOM, it was also agreed that all Ministries, Parastatals and Agencies and all other Government Departments will prepare and publish, not later than the FIRST DAY OF JULY 2004, SERVICOM CHARTERS whose provisions will include:

  • quality services designed around the requirements of their customers and served by staff sensitive to the needs of their clients
  • set out the entitlements of the citizens clearly and in ways they can readily understand
  • list of fees payable (if any) and prohibit the demand for any additional payments
  • commitment to the provision of services (including the processing of applications and the answering of correspondence) within realistic set time-frames
  • details of agencies and officials to whom complaints about service failures may be addressed
  • publish these details in conspicuous places accessible to the public
  • periodically conduct and publish surveys to determine levels of customer satisfaction.

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