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MDA Contact List

These Section contains a list MDA's and downloadable files (EXCEL Format) containing contact informations as required across the Federation, please click on an MDA to download its contact file. (List is arranged alphabetically)

  1. Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development (.xls format)
  2. Federal Ministry of Aviation (.xls format)
  3. Central Bank of Nigeria - CBN (.xls format)
  4. Code of Conduct Bureau (.xls format)
  5. Code of Conduct Tribunal (.xls format)
  6. Federal Ministry of Commerce (.xls format)
  7. Ministry of Communications (.xls format)
  8. Federal Ministry of Culture & Tourism (.xls format)
  9. Ministry of Defence - MOD (.xls format)
  10. Economic and Financial Crimes Commission - EFCC (.xls format)
  11. Federal Ministry of Education (.xls format)
  12. Federal Ministry of Environment (.xls format)
  13. Federal Capital Territory Administration - FCTA (.xls format)
  14. Federal Character Commission - FCC (.xls format)
  15. Federal Civil Service Commission - FCSC (.xls format)
  16. Federal Road Safety Commission - FRSC (.xls format)
  17. Federal Ministry of Finance (.xls format)
  18. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (.xls format)
  19. Federal Ministry of Health (.xls format)
  20. Federal Ministry of Housing & Urban Development (.xls format)
  21. Independent National Electoral Commission- INEC (.xls format)
  22. Federal Ministry of Industry (.xls format)
  23. Federal Ministry of Information (.xls format)
  24. Ministry Of Inter-governmental Affairs, Youth Devlopment And Special Duties (.xls format)
  25. Federal MInistry of Internal Affairs (.xls format)
  26. Federal Ministry of Justice (.xls format)
  27. Federal Ministry of Labour & Productivity (.xls format)
  28. National Boundary Commision (.xls format)
  29. National Institute For International Affairs (.xls format)
  30. National Planning Commission (.xls format)
  31. National Population Commission (.xls format)
  32. National Salaries Incomes & Wages Commission (.xls format)
  33. Nigerian Investment Promotion Council - NIPC (.xls format)
  34. Nigeria Police Force - NPF (.xls format)
  35. National Youth Service Corps - NYSC (.xls format)
  36. Office of the Auditor General of the Federation - OAGF (.xls format)
  37. Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation (.xls format)
  38. Office to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation - OSGF (.xls format)
  39. Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources (.xls format)
  40. Federal Ministry of Police Affairs (.xls format)
  41. Police Service Commission (.xls format)
  42. Federal Ministry of Power & Steel (.xls format)
  43. Public Complaints Commission (.xls format)
  44. Revenue Mobilisation & Fiscal Allocation (.xls format)
  45. Federal Ministry of Science & Technology (.xls format)
  46. Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals and Development (.xls format)
  47. Federal Ministry of Sports & Social Development (.xls format)
  48. State House (.xls format)
  49. Federal Ministry of Transport (.xls format)
  50. Federal Ministry of Water Resources (.xls format)
  51. Federal Ministry of Women Affairs (.xls format)
  52. Federal Ministry of Works (.xls format)
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