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Stakeholders validate reviewed SERVICOM Index

As SERVICOM Office repositions to intensify its impact, Stakeholders have affirmed the reviewed SERVICOM index as a relevant tool for the improvement of services in Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government (MDAs).

The affirmation was the highlight of a one day validation workshop of the reviewed SERVICOM Index organised by SERVICOM Office in conjunction with the Federal Public Administration Reforms programme (FEPAR) of the DFID in Abuja.

The SERVICOM Index is an Instrument for measuring of services delivered by various MDAs, with the end purpose of identifying gaps in service delivery processes which are to be remedied for the enhancement of citizen’s satisfaction in public services.


The existing Index which has been in use from the inception of SERVICOM is based on five drivers namely service delivery, timeliness, information, Professionalism and staff Attitude while the reviewed Index is based on six dimensions namely Policy Commitment, the Service, the Customer, Organizational Effectiveness, Accountability and Innovation.


Addressing the stakeholders, the Senior Special Assistant to the President and National Coordinator SERVICOM, Mr Sylbriks Obriki said the review of the SEVICOM index was necessitated by the need to have in place a more effective tool that would take the impact of the service delivery initiative in MDAs to a higher level.

The National Coordinator expressed optimism that when finally approved by the Federal Executive Council (FEC) the new index would accelerate the desired positive change in the processes and procedures of service delivery in public offices.

The Team lead for SERVICOM Component in FEPAR, Miss Maureen Ideozu said the relevance of SERVICOM in the public sector cannot be overemphasised, given its facilitation role on how Government services are effectively delivered to citizens.

Chief SERVICOM Officer, Mrs Nnenna Akajemeli while presenting the draft of the reviewed Index to participants said “Our main interest and objective is to have a document that is not only comparable to global best practices but also a living document that keeps us moving, an index that is comprehensive, actionable and relevant”.

It would be recalled that last year, FEC  reviewed the SERVICOM Initiative to enable it function effectively with new mandates for the SERVICOM office to coordinate efforts by MDAs to formulate and implement Service Charters and to regularly monitor and report to the President progress made by each MDA in performing their obligations under their Charters.



Other mandates for the SERVICOM Office include to carry out and publicize independent surveys of services provided to citizens by the MDAs in terms of adequacy, timeliness, customer satisfaction; to heighten public awareness of the damaging effects of service failure and to promote attitudes by which citizens would recognise the need to challenge service failure as their civil rights as well as responsibility.




Patience Musa

Public Awareness Manager (Ag)

Code of Conduct Bureau Chairman encourages SERVICOM

The Chairman Code of Conduct Bureau Mr. Sam Saba has encouraged the SERVICOM Office to continue with the campaign against service failure in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) as this would go a long way in checking the level of corruption in government businesses.

The chairman who said this when he paid a courtesy visit to the SERVICOM office at the Federal Secretariat Abuja, noted with concern that corruption  had eaten deeply into the fabric of the society to the extent that people were unwilling to change.

“However, we thank God that an Organisation like SERVICOM is in place to stem service failure and we commend your doggedness in this fight in spite of limited resources and resistance by some civil servants to change, so we are here to say don’t give up”, he said.

Mr. Sam Saba who led members of the Ministerial SERVICOM Unit of the Code of Conduct Bureau on the visit applauded the impact made by SERVICOM in sensitizing Nigerians on the need for them to challenge Service failure in MDAs.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President and National Coordinator, SERVICOM Mr. Sylbriks Obriki who expressed delight at the visit said the Service Delivery Initiative should be embraced and supported by all Nigerians.

“Service delivery is hinged on the ability of workers to impact positively on their duty posts and this is what the SERVICOM Office is helping civil servants to do, we have no law to sanction anyone but we believe that if workers in Nigerians will truly love their country and do what they are paid to do, Service delivery will improve in both public and private sector” he enthused.

Earlier, in a welcome remark, the Chief SERVICOM Officer (CSO), Mrs Nnenna Akajimeli expressed readiness of the SERVICOM Office to work with any MDA in ensuring that citizens are served better.

Technical Adviser to SERVICOM, Mr Akin Oke who thanked the Chairman and SERVICOM Unit staff of the Code of Conduct Bureau for the visit, said the gesture was an indication of the commitment of the Bureau to the Transformation Agenda and Service Delivery Initiative of the Federal Government.


Patience Musa

Public Awareness Manager (Ag)


SERVICOM calls for stronger regulation on orphanages in the country.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President and National Coordinator of SERVICOM Mr Sylbriks Obriki, has urged the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development to strengthen its supervisory role on orphanages in the country,

The SERVICOM National Coordinator said this in his goodwill message at the re-inauguration of the Ministerial SERVICOM Unit (MSU) of the Ministry of Women Afairs, which coincided with a SERVICOM sensitization for its Directors in the Ministry.

Mr. Obriki lamented the situation where some individuals have capitalized on the helplessness of children and used them as begging tools under the guise of running orphanage homes, and called on the Ministry to step in and curb this menace which has become an issue of concern.

“We want the Ministry to give a close look into this unfortunate trend and ensure that proprietors of orphanages adhere to set standards, and where such standards are not spelt out, they should be explicitly done to give no room for those who are in it for their selfish reasons”, he said.

The SERVICOM boss encouraged the SERVICOM Unit of the Ministry to come up with a Service Charter that will guide and fast track the processes of service delivery in the Ministry.

While inaugurating the Unit, the Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development Hajiya Zainab Maina , represented by the Permanent Secretary, Dr. Habiba Lawal, implored all staff to cooperate with the Unit for an overall improvement in the various services delivered to citizens by the Ministry.

Earlier, the Chief SERVICOM Officer Mrs Nnenna Akajimeli in a paper titled; the Role of management in Service Delivery”, said citizens are the life blood of a country hence those in positions of authority should begin to recognize that improving the quality of Service to the citizenry was no longer a choice but an obligation.

She urged the management to keep leading the way for others to follow, saying “in every organization, it is the responsibility of the management to point the way and create the right environment for quality service improvement.”

The Head of Operations in the SERVICOM Office, Mal. Danjuma Usman in his presentation said the MSU serves as a link between the Ministry and SERVICOM Office and also serves as the secretariat of the Ministry’s Service Delivery Committee amongst other functions.

The newly inaugurated Nodal Officer of the Women Affairs Ministry Mrs Victoria Agbo appreciated the Ministry and SERVICOM Office for the confidence reposed on her and her colleagues and pledged full commitment to the Service Delivery Initiative.

Patience Musa

Public Awareness Manager (Ag)



The SERVICOM Office and the National Productivity Centre (NPC) are to collaborate for the actualization of the Transformation Agenda of the Federal Government, through effective service delivery and improved productivity in Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) of Government.

This collaboration was the highlight of an advocacy visit by the Senior Special Assistant to the President and National Coordinator, SERVICOM Mr. Sylbriks Obriki  to the Director General of the National Productivity Centre  Dr. Paul Mari Bdliya and his Management staff in Abuja.

Mr. Obriki noted at his visit that the collaboration will strengthen the functions of the two organisations in bringing about the much needed attitudinal change among public servants for better delivery of services in the Public Service and Government Institutions.

He explained that the SERVICOM Office was interested in the area of Productivity and Quality Improvement programmes of the Centre as well as Productivity Management and Productivity Policy.

Director General of the NPC Dr. Bdliya  who expressed delight at the visit disclosed that the approved National Policy on Productivity will provide a platform for effective partnership with SERVICOM in entrenching work tenets that promote productivity and service delivery at the Federal, State and Local Government levels across the county.

“SERVICOM is about productivity and service delivery, as such the National Productivity Centre looks forward to utilizing the power of synergy in this collaborative effort at ensuring that the Transformation Agenda of the Government is actualized”, Dr. Bdliya said.

The Director General, who is also the President, Pan- African productivity Association is optimistic that the synergy between SERVICOM and the Centre would address the twin evils of corruption and inefficiency in MDAs, saying these are counterproductive and destructive to national growth

He said the Centre would welcome input from the SERVICOM Office on its activities and programmes, particularly on the criteria for the selection of National Merit Award recipients.

Head of SERVICOM Unit and Nodal Officer of the Centre, Mrs E.E. Ogriki thanked the management of SERVICOM Office for its support and expressed optimism that the collaboration between SERVICOM and the Centre will yield fruitful results to further enhance productivity and service delivery in the nation.



Patience Musa

Public Awareness Manager (Ag)


SERVICOM is not a duplicating body says new Head of Service

The new Head of Service of the Federation, Alhaji Bukar Goni Maji has said that SERVICOM is not duplicating the responsibility of any other Government Agency in the course of carrying the SERVICOM Compliance Evaluation to assess the quality of services delivered to citizens by Ministries Department and Agencies (MDAs).

The Head of Service said this when the Senior Special Assistant to the President and SERVICOM National Coordinator,  Mr. Sylbriks Obriki paid him a courtesy visit on June 11th 2013.

Alhaji Goni who recalled that SERVICOM was established to among other things check whether or not services are being rendered satisfactorily to citizens by MDAs, said there was nothing wrong in the approach of SERVICOM despite the existing Monitoring and Evaluating units in MDAs.

The evaluation which is a regular function of the SERVICOM Office is done with the aim of highlighting gaps in the service delivery processes of MDAs and making recommendations on how such gaps can be tackled for effective service delivery.

The new Head of service therefore pledged to support and collaborate with SERVICOM Office to enable it actualize its mandate saying “the SERVICOM Office needs to be repositioned because of its huge responsibility and we will give you the necessary support especially with staff regularization to enhance productivity amongst your workforce”.

He challenged the top echelon of the Civil Service to prioritise issues bordering on service delivery in MDAs, to bring about positive changes in the public service and justify the offices they are occupying.

SERVICOM National Coordinator,  Mr Sylbriks Obriki had earlier congratulated the Head of Civil  Service of the Federation  over his appointment and applauded his enthusiasm for SERVICOM, noting that the cooperation of his the Office will ensure the successful implementation of the Service Delivery Initiative of the Federal Government.

He solicited for the intervention of the Head of service on the regularization of SERVICOM Staff for career progression and job satisfaction.



Patience Musa

Public Awareness Manager (Ag)


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